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Why Hire A Brand Stylist?

Elizabeth Micheli
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Starting a business can be overwhelming. There is passion behind what you are doing and that should make the stress of the start up a little less intense. Yet, there is still a lot that needs to be done. If you sell a product, you must think about packaging, shipping, e-commerce, preparing the product itself for purchase, reviews and more. If you provide a service you must keep in mind content, marketing and networking. Never the less, with everything you have going on getting your brand in front of the eyes of the customer is the number one priority, but what is your brand?  Whether you can answer this question or not has little to do with how well you can both brand your company or market your products and services.

Branding is a science. A science that entails surveying a product, determining marketable points, possible consumers, and taking into account the psychology of the market you are in to ensure that a product is poised to succeed. Many business owners believe they can successfully brand themselves without the help of a brand stylist, but the odds of success as an entrepreneur are much greater when you delegate tasks to those that specialize in what they do. Would you let your dentist perform a heart transplant? Would you let your mechanic give you a root canal? The same logic here applies to your business. Hiring a brand stylist will help you save time, remain cohesive in the public image and create a loyal customer base.

If there were only more hours in a day! Unfortunately, there are not. Fortunately, there is a way to save some of those hours as a business owner. Number one being, hiring a brand stylist. The amount of time you spend on naming a product, picking out colors, and aligning the details with other already present factors in your business is massive. Would it not be great to simply make a phone call and have a casual conversation with someone about your next big idea? A brand stylist is your go-to person for launching new products, companies and revamping old products too. Save yourself some time and make an investment in hiring someone who specializes in branding.  You could use that extra time!

Customers have evolved. In the 60's all a company had to do was make a commercial with a famous athlete using their product and wham! Instant sales. Nowadays marketing is not so easy. A company must show consistency, stability, and transparency to a customer. Most times, before a customer even makes an initial purchase. A brand stylist ensures that with every social media post, product launch, and web page there is cohesiveness in the public eye. Within the numerous channels of communication in this digital age remaining consistent in the eyes of the consumer is a full-time job. A brand stylist can set guidelines and educate you as a business owner on how to create a reliable public image that is favorable to your audience.

Loyal customers are the best customers. They seldom make returns and help spread your product via word of mouth better than any social media platform ever can. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to have a loyal customer base. It can be said that 10 loyal customers are better than 100 impulse buys. Consumer loyalty comes when a person knows what to expect from a product and the product meets or exceeds said expectations. Branding plays a big part in this interaction because branding sets the tone for a customer’s expectations. For example, if a consumer follows an Instagram page that is branded with pictures of pink accessories, packaging, cotton candy, cars etc. and then decides to order an item from this Instagram's website they are expecting their order to align with the images seen on the social media page. If the package arrives at the consumer's address and is black, with black inserts, and black promotional material, the consumer’s expectations have not been met. Even if the product the person ordered is exactly the way it is shown on the website, the branding imagery is lost in between the Instagram page and the product delivery. Hiring a branding stylist can help business owners avoid situations like this. Although most situations will not be this stark and obvious, brand stylists have eyes to see both what the consumer sees and what the entrepreneur sees and can use those details to perfect the way you do business and create a loyal consumer base. 

Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or have been in the market for some time, hiring a brand stylist can make an impact on your sales. By utilizing your newly repositioned or renovated brand you establish yourself in the market and customers know who you are. Your reputation becomes consistent and in turn, your consumers become loyal. You want your customers to feel like they know your products and are a part of the community you are creating. A brand stylist gets to know your customer and your passion and builds a bridge between the two. Having a strong background operation when running a business causes an increase in productivity that can be very beneficial. With a brand stylist, you will have a concrete public image and the longevity of your product will strengthen. Hiring a brand stylist is an investment and one that is proven to have great returns.